Bob Warren headshot

Bob Warren

Principal Engineer

Bob is the Architect and engineer for the electronics and software for the product. He has 25+ years of experience leading system architecture and design for several different product types, including Disk Drives, SSDs, Fingerprint ID Systems and Storage Controllers.

Prior to joining Syght, Bob was a consultant to an MRAM design company. Bob has worked for Seagate and Western Digital, as Chief Architect, and with Micron Architecting, a next generation Enterprise SSD controller. Bob has architected more than 50 ASICs for a diverse range of products, and has developed FPGA platforms to validation, verification, and production. Bob designed and built an SSD for Micro Technology in 1997 utilizing DRAM and a battery backup with a fault tolerant backplane design that would allow massive component failure with complete error recovery of the data. Bob has also participated in several embedded control symposiums, and given 2 keynote addresses.

Bob was raised in Minneapolis. He received an AS degree in electronics from Dunwoody Industrial Institute, and followed up with a BS and MS degrees. He has lived in Colorado for 20 years, in the same house with his wife of 32 years. They raised 3 children that currently reside in Colorado as well. Bob enjoys Archery, Model Building, Open Wheel Auto Racing and taking care of his 1 acre lawn in the summers.