At Syght, we believe people need more protection against gun violence and terrorist attacks. Our world-class team of engineers and business leaders is launching an innovative new threat detection technology to make our public spaces safer.

Attacks are occurring with greater frequency than ever before, with increasing sophistication on the part of people determined to cause mass violence. Numbers bear this out: 2019 is on track to average more than one mass shooting a day. Around the world, people are dying because dangerous threats are simply not being detected early enough.

Entirely too often, dangerous attacks occur on innocent people in high-traffic areas where concealed weapon detection isn’t deployed. Fixed portal systems that deliver concealed weapon detection can be cost prohibitive and/or lack the deployment flexibility needed to effectively harden gaps in perimeter security. Whether that be venues without advanced security screening or vulnerable areas outside of security checkpoints, many threats can go undetected until it’s too late.

At Syght, we are helping usher in the future of weapon screening technology for public and private spaces. Utilizing next-generation passive millimeter wave technology and partnerships with leading automatic threat recognition software firms, Syght sensors will identify concealed weapons and explosives on moving subjects at a distance. Our advanced imaging technology detects concealed metallic and nonmetallic threats through obscurants including luggage, clothing, darkness, fog, dust, smoke and rain. With video-rate speed and industry-leading range, Syght sensors are ideal for high-throughput public venues and perimeter stand-off detection. Our compact and lightweight design enables flexible covert or overt installations in outdoor and indoor locations.

Syght technology is designed to integrate with existing surveillance platforms. Our sensors fully integrate with complementary perimeter security technologies, including video management, lidar, gunshot detection and other defense systems that detect threats and engage response protocols, such as locking doors and alerting law enforcement. Syght sensors are also safe and private. We utilize passive millimeter wave technology that is non-active and does not transmit electromagnetic radiation of any kind onto people. No invasive images are displayed – rather, concealed threats are overlaid on a secondary visible light video stream to protect privacy.

Headquartered in Colorado, our team is committed to providing innovative technologies that can protect lives from future threats. We have received substantial support from the National Science Foundation and, most recently, a contract from the Department of Homeland Security to launch Syght in market.

We have been invited to share our vision for a safer world at ISC East on Wednesday, Nov. 20. I’ll be joining moderator James Marcella of Axis Communications, panelist Adam Stockwell of the Milwaukee Bucks and panelist Dr. Lou Marciani of NCS4 for a panel called “Securing Public Venues: Looking Beyond the Walls for a More Holistic Approach to Safety.”

I hope to see you there!

Kevin Magenis